We believe the quality of our motorcycles and stand behind our product with a 5 year / 50,000 mile Battery Warranty.
All new Brammo models are covered including the Enertia Plus, Empulse, Empulse R & Brammo – ICON Spec 32 – Eboz Edition

Brammo will retro this warranty to cover all Enertia Plus, Empulse and Empulse R previously purchased.

For additional warranty information, please refer to your motorcycles owners manual.

This warranty is for Brammo vehicles
registered and normally operated.
In addition to the initial owner of the
vehicle, the coverage described in this
warranty is transferable at no cost to
any subsequent person(s) who assumes
ownership of the vehicle within the
5 years or 50,000 miles (80,000
kilometers) term. No deductibles are
associated with this warranty.
This BrammoPower® component warran-
ty is in addition to the express conditions
and warranties described previously in
the Brammo owner’s manual. The cover-
age and benefits described under the
warranty are not extended or
altered because of this special Brammo-
Power® component warranty.
For Brammo owners requiring more
comprehensive coverage than that
provided under this BrammoPower®
component warranty, a separate plan
may be available. See your Brammo
dealer for more details.
What is Covered
This BrammoPower® component
warranty covers repairs to correct any
BrammoPower® component defect
related to materials or workmanship
occurring during 5 years or 50,000
miles (80,000 kilometers).
BrammoPower® Coverage
Propulsion Battery Warranty Policy
Like all batteries, the amount of
energy that the BrammoPower® battery
can store will decrease with time and
distance ridden. Depending on use,
the battery may degrade as little as
10% to as much as 30% of capacity over
the warranty period. A dealer service
technician will determine if the battery
energy capacity (kWh storage) is within
the proper limit, given the age and
mileage of the vehicle. Typical tests
can take up to 48 hours.
If possible, components will be repaired
or replaced, and the original battery
module will be returned to the vehicle.
Replace (If Necessary)
Under warranty, the BrammoPower®
battery will be replaced with either a new
or factory reconditioned battery module
with an energy capacity (kWh storage)
level at or above that of the original
battery module
prior to the failure.
Your BrammoPower® battery warranty
replacement may not return your vehicle
as an “as new” condition, but it will
make your Brammo fully operational
appropriate to its age and mileage.
Owners Warranty Responsibilities
As the vehicle owner, you are responsible
for the performance of the scheduled
maintenance listed in your owner
manual. Maintenance intervals, checks,
inspections, and recommended fluids
and lubricants as prescribed in the
owner manual are necessary to keep
your vehicle in good working condition.
Any damage caused by owner failure to
follow scheduled maintenance may
not be covered by warranty.
5 years or
50,000 miles
5 Year Warranty
15/90 battery module

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