on CBS News

October 23, 2009 at 8:27 am

An informative interview with CBS blogger Shira Lazar about the ShockingBarack mission. Check out Brammo’s mission to give President Obama an Enertia powercycle via a road trip from Detroit to Washington D.C. at!

Took Delivery of Limited Edition #07/30.

October 9, 2009 at 7:10 pm


As of this week, I am the proud owner of Enertia Limited Edition #07/30.  A last minute scheduling snafuu almost saw me lose #07 to another LE cusotmer, but luckily the production team found a way to keep both customers happy.  Craig will be delivering #06 to a friend of his in Burbank on Saturday. 

So… what do I think?  When I finally tucked the bike into my garage for its first night alone in the dark, I realized that I’ve been dreaming about this day for almost 3 years now.  There was surprisingly little celebration though, as all the hardwork that’s gone into the product has meant that this delivery is no different than any other delivery nor this production bike built differently from any other (aside from being an LE). 

I’ve already used the Enertia to run to the grocery store (hence my fitment of saddlebags – a great option), commuted to work every day, and generally wrought havoc on downtown Ashland.  I noticed while testing the Enertia that people stopped to ask about it, but I notice it even more now that I’m being stopped outside of work related tests or trips.  It’s nice to see how curious and interested everyone is in the bike and I couldn’t be more proud to speak to them as an owner rather than “the designer of”.   I’m now having visions of cafe rides to Jacksonville with other Enertia owners and conversations about who acheived the highest speed or greatest range or what the best “mod” is to enhance the look of the bike.  I can only hope the owners club forms sooner rather than later…"