UK Opens World’s First EV Charging Motorway Network

August 9, 2011 at 7:08 pm

It seems that that EV drivers in UK now have the opportunity to take their eco-friendly cars up for a longer spin. Making this possible is the green energy firm Ecotricity, which has launched the world’s first national motorway electric vehicles charging station. Until present the absence of charging points between towns limited EV journeys making this way of traveling a bit unpractical.

There’s a bit of the chicken and egg situation going on.People are not buying electric cars because they’re not sure about charging, and people aren’t putting charging points up because [not many are] buying electric cars.”Ecotricity Founder Dale Vince was quoted as saying by Ecotricity also considered the most common setback regarding the charging stations which is charging time.

Thus choosing a higher current option will top-up your car in approximately 20 minutes and fully charge it in about one hour. The system is capable of charging an EV relatively fast by using a 32A supply with seven pins instead of the regularly 13A three-pin . The 13A can charge an EV in approximately 12 hours which in some cases can be really uncomfortable. But thing are moving relatively slow, despite the promises of charging points filling the Britain’s roadways, there are still few drivers who choose electricity instead of conventional fuels.

This might be a consequence of purchasing prices for EV which is still much higher than gas-powered models. As a helping hand for drivers who decide to “go green” the government has started a program which enables each driver to receive up to GBP5,000 as an advance when buying a hybrid or Electric Vehicle.


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Brammo Fan Article

August 3, 2011 at 9:33 pm

Harry Mallin of Gladstone smiles when he passes by a gas station, no matter the price.

“It’s so nice to ride and ride right past the gas station and wave and not have to worry about filling up,” Mallin said.

There’s usually an array of green energy products or services to boost the efficiency of electric or gas use in homes at the Platte-Clay Electric Cooperative’s annual energy fair that precedes the members’ business meeting. But this year featured some items on display for use outside the home.

Mallin brought his all-electric motorcycle to show off. Cheryl Barnes, the co-op’s communication director, called Mallin to ask if he would put his bike on display after staff saw him featured in Home Power magazine. Mallin, who has one of the few all-electric motorcycles in the region, said he was happy to oblige.

“I love showing it off, I love talking about it,” Mallin said, noting he has taken the motorcycle to other events in the past.

He was just looking for fuel efficiency when he bought the electric two-wheeler, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to buy a Prius, which is what his wife drives.

“I didn’t even think about electric motorcycles, then I saw it on the Internet,” he said.

Mallin, who hadn’t owned a motorcycle since college about 30 years ago, drives the electric bike to work in downtown Kansas City — about a 22-mile round trip — on days the weather cooperates.

The Brammo brand motorcycle retails for about $8,000. He said he figured out how much energy it sucks from his home to fully charge it (in about three hours), and he believes it tacks on only an extra 25 cents per day to the electric bill.

Billy Davidson of Randy Reed Chevrolet in St. Joseph brought a Chevy Volt car. The car, which is not available in the Midwest market, runs about 40 miles on electricity before the gasoline kicks in.

“It’s kind of a vehicle in its own class — it’s not a hybrid, it’s not a whole electric,” Davidson said.

The Volt runs on electric power until it runs out, then switches to gasoline to fuel it until the car is recharged.

Many poked their heads inside the doors and under the hood, but they can’t buy one of their own yet. While the car is available to test drive at the dealership, Davidson it likely won’t hit the local market until December. His dealership had to go to the East Coast to buy the car, which retails for about $43,000.


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