Olde meets Nouveau at Brammo Parx

November 19, 2012 at 7:00 pm

Recently Sustaining Engineering Manager, Matt Nelson, traveled to old world Europe, and while there payed a to visit our Brammo Parx headquarters in Germany.  We  asked him to share his impressions of the site for those of us who haven’t seen it in person.

“At the end of my Enertia Plus production support visit in Hungary, I was invited to join Marcin from Brammo Parx on a road trip all the way across Austria into Bavaria (Germany) to see Brammo Parx headquarters. After a scenic 4.5 hour drive through rain and sunshine, epic mountains and rolling green valleys, autobahns and country back roads  we arrived abruptly at a very modest and narrow driveway that crept steeply up a grassy hill in the middle of the countryside. Driving cautiously to the top, we approached three buildings designed in an old-world traditional Bavarian fashion, and looked to be original. Peering through the window of the largest building was an Enertia and an Empulse on display for the entire valley to see.

Once parked, we were met by Hans and Sylvia Eder and two playful dogs; the four of them gave us a tour of their digs. Amazingly, the inside of the main office was ultra-modern and most of all green! both in color, and in electricity; the roof was covered in solar panels.”

Rolling hills, solar panels, office dogs, and electric bikes!!  Sounds like heaven to us!