An Insider Report from EICMA

November 19, 2012 at 7:20 pm

Brammo’s Greg StoermerSenior Industrial Designer, gives us the inside scoop from EICMA in Milan, Italy…

“My main objective while at the show are three fold, first, be immersed in the motorcycle industry to see the latest and greatest of “what’s new” from the major manufacturers and others as well.  There is no substitute for seeing a motorcycle in the flesh, as photos simply wont do.   Going from booth to booth prior to the days where it is open to the public is a must, since the public days are packed, shoulder to shoulder with people, and you would be lucky to have a chance to sit on the bikes, less yet get a full photo of one.  Seeing the bikes and being able to sit on the bikes, and place my hands on the surface help greatly in understanding their surfacing and design better.  I also take into account what bikes the big guys are bringing to market and changes to existing models.  Honda for example has a pretty bulletproof line up now plugging up any holes in the market with a new model.  Models from a street 125 – 500, then into the sport bikes of 600 and higher, an array of naked/street fighter themed bikes, scooters, cruisers,  and recently adding adventure bikes to their line have made for a great product line-up, though the flavor of all seems is vanilla.

Second, I join Aaron and Joe (Engineering team) in relevant meetings with suppliers to support any necessary information for new projects and or change requests in materials, or any issues that are arising with current projects or previous.

Third, to support the Brammo booth answering questions, doing tv interviews (!), talking with designers, potential buyers, or individuals simply interested in electric bikes.  There was a noticeable change in attitude and acceptance in this years show than last.  Perhaps because we had a more grandiose booth?  Or because of our location?  I am unsure, but people knew who we were, knew about the bikes, and it was a rare moment when there were not people packing the floor of the Brammo Area.  Designers stopped by as well, some students, some just to say hi, others to show me their own Brammo creations.  Overall it was a very very positive show for Brammo and myself to attend

Oh yea,  and the wheelie box….”

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