The Brammo Family Charges the Backroads

November 21, 2012 at 6:06 pm

Jason Meyer, Brammo Engineering Technician, has lead the charge for getting us together for some fun on the backroads.  We asked him to tell us more about the Team Brammo Off-Road Ride last weekend:

“I started Brammo off-road rides so that employees, their families, and friends could get introduced or reacquainted with a sport that I have loved since I was 14. Off-road riding provides quality social time outside of the work environment, and I believe the interaction makes employee bonds stronger and the work environment more like a family. It is also a great way to get the exercise most of us need.

The wet season removed the fire danger from southern Oregon, and it was time to saddle-up and hit the mountain. Sat., Nov. 17th was Brammo’s 2nd off-road ride of 2012 and the first of the new riding season. This ride was quite the opposite of the first ride last May, which was dry and dusty. Now, the moist and tacky ground provided stellar traction (except over roots and rocks). The smell of the campfire, BBQ, and pine trees added to the fun of being outdoors.

The weather forecast showed a high of 50 degrees on the valley floor and a 100% chance of rain after 10am, which was the meeting time at Lily Prairie (John’s Peak OHV area). At nearly 2,000’ above the valley floor, Lily Prairie would likely be colder. Luckily I was able to acquire enough donated firewood to keep everyone warm throughout the day.

Upon our arrival at Lily Prairie, a fire was quickly started while several Easy-Ups were erected to combat the off-and-on drizzle. The Easy-Ups and strong fire allowed riders to get dry and stay warm after splashing through puddles, being drizzled on, and getting sprayed with mud from fellow riders.

We had 4 ATVs and more dirt bikes than riders, which is always a good thing in case one breaks (which happened), or we have an unexpected rider show up (which sadly, didn’t).

After several hours of spirited riding the smell of the BBQ was intoxicating. Everything from steak to brats to burgers was cooked and quickly devoured. This was the perfect gathering time to talk, joke, and laugh about everyone’s ride experience.

The weather cooperated until about 1:00pm when a crazy storm of sleet, rain, and high winds pummeled the Rogue Valley, sending everyone scrambling to get their bikes and gear loaded up so they could head back to the warmth of their cozy homes.

This second ride attracted more Brammo participants, and I hope the trend continues as the season progresses. We had the strongest showing from the Empulse Production Dept. which included management, quality control, production engineering and assembly techs. The Mechanical Engineering Dept. also made a strong showing with 5 total, including both Sustainable Products Engineers. All 3 of the Engineering Technician/Race Team Mechanics showed which included me. Battery Production had 2 riders representing.

Until next time, Jason Meyer signing off and getting back to Brammo business.”