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Energy storage for the rest of us

The unrelenting improvement in the price/performance of lithium-ion batteries is now making them the first choice energy source for a wide variety of devices and vehicles.
However, many manufacturers do not possess the in-house expertise to confidently build lithium-ion technology into their product development plans.

Good news. Brammo has both the expertise and the proven experience to successfully integrate the latest lithium ion technology into almost any application.
Brammo Energy of Things

Modular Solutions

Brammo originally developed custom battery modules to go racing and prove that electric motorcycles could compete and win against gas equivalents. That research led to Brammo’s proprietary solution that allows us help our customers develop a platform that scales across all of their products, leveraging the core lithium-ion technology we have been evolving since 2007.

01. Energy Storage

From 1.5KwH to 100KwH and 12V to 700V, we can build a solution for you

02. Rapid Development

Brammo works with your team to bring proof of concept to market quickly

03. Integrated solutions

Brammo power integrates with your device via Can Bus, bluetooth, Wifi or native systems

04. Human machine interface

Brammo prides itself on user friendly systems, whether on device or via web/app interface

05. Analytics toolbox

Service and support tools, software and hardware as required by your application developed with your customer channel in mind.

06. Scale with your customers

Manage growth and deployment of the new technology provided by Brammo

Brammo Technology

Battery management

Scalable and modular, we can create a solution that scales across your product line, leveraging your volume to get cost effective solutions and world class performance
Industry Solutions

Vehicle Starter Systems
Industry Solutions

Industry solutions

Utility Vehicles
Industry Applications

Snow and Turf
Industry solutions


Benefits of clean energy storage

The road to lithium ion adoption

As automotive and PC battery sales continue to climb, the cost of lithium 1st tier supplier commodity cells continue to drop, creating a tremendous opportunity for Brammo clients to aggregate volumes to take advantage of industry volume pricing.

Ideal Energy Storage

High cycle life, high energy and high power solutions.

Safe Chemistry

Chemistries are now safe, add in Brammo control systems for additional safety features

CAN Bus communication

Interconnectivity with automotive grade communication systems

IoT Integration

All onboard sensors and performance statistics integrated to cloud servers

Real time reporting

Temperature, state of charge, impedance and g-force accelerometers onboard

Video device monitoring

Real time or historical data collection of device or vehicle use correlated to powertrain information for information, service and usage support

Growing Lithium Marketshare

Consistent Growth

According to: Avicenne, non Automotive lithium battery sales will grow to over $10B of the total $26B battery market by 2020

2020: Li-Ion $10.2 B

2012: Li-Ion $2.9 B

* Chart shows addressable market size according to Avicenne