Careers at Brammo

Careers at Brammo, Inc.

Brammo, Inc. is a leading electric vehicle technology company headquartered in North America. Brammo designs, develops, and integrates electric powertrains for leading OEMs. Powertrain capabilities include Brammo Power™ Battery Modules, Battery Management Systems, Vehicle Control Units, Display Systems, Charging Systems, Drive Controllers and Software, Electric Traction Motors, Transmissions and EV Telematics. Brammo is currently looking for qualified, passionate people to

Help create transformational solutions electric propulsion and energy storage.

Test Engineer – Energy Storage Systems

The ideal candidate will be a motivated and talented engineer with a passion for electric vehicles.  This is an opportunity to work with a small innovative team on emerging technology in Lithium-ion batteries and related technologies for high energy content storage for mobile platforms, including power-sports, industrial, agricultural, and military vehicle applications.

Essential Functions and Duties:  (May perform additional duties of similar complexity within Brammo as required or assigned)

  • Responsible for the planning and executing validation tests for software, electrical, mechanical, and environmental performance attributes of complex energy storage systems.
  • Uses computer-based systems engineering tools to complete assignments
  • Applies principles and theory of systems engineering to accomplish goals
  • Familiar with standards and regulations of design and manufacturing of complex systems in the automotive industry
  • Works under the supervision of a principle engineer


  • Requires a BS-engineering in a relevant engineering discipline, and minimum of 2 years of work experience as a systems engineer, or an AS-engineering in a relevant engineering technology and a minimum of 5 years of work experience with progressive advancement from technician level.
  • Must be familiar oscilloscopes and other electronic test equipment.
  • Able to lift 50lbs unassisted, and work standing-up for 3 hours continuously.


  • Experienced in laboratory automation using Labview.


  • Valid Oregon driver’s license and ability to meet driving requirements.
  • Ability to travel to business functions/trainings/meetings and worksites required

Production Engineer

Essential Functions and Duties:

  • Provides technical interface between Design Engineering and Production regarding equipment, processes, programs, and services used to produce state-of-the-art lithium ion batteries (NCM chemistry) used to power electric vehicles.
  • Establish robotic and automated manufacturing capability for Brammo Lithium Ion batteries by assisting in the selection and installation of equipment, planning plant layout, establishing manufacturing processes, and training staff. Evaluate options and select contractor services for providing or installing hardware, software, programming, and maintenance of test equipment and systems.
  • Performs duties as a key member of the Operations Team understanding policy and procedure and coordinating deviations with Design Engineering and Quality.
  • Develops an expert understanding of the battery materials and processes used to construct the Brammo Power Module (BPM) batteries. Additionally, develops an expert understanding of the hardware, software, and processes used by the Brammo to test assembled battery modules.
  • Based on expert understanding of the product and testing environment, troubleshoots battery test failures, determines cause, and initiates corrective action by de-bugging software, coordinating new assembly procedures, identifying faulty material, or coordinating design changes, etc.
  • Provides in-depth technical assistance and training support to floor test technicians. Provides technical interpretation of drawings and specifications for difficult products
  • Supports Lean initiatives in a Battery Assembly operation. Extensive use and application of standard engineering and manufacturing principles and processes.
  • Recommends engineering solutions for design and manufacturing problems and coordinates implementation with Design Engineering, Quality, and Production as required.
  • Selects capital test equipment using test parameters provided by Design Engineering, Production workforce capabilities, production schedule requirements, and sound cost/payback analysis. In conjunction with Design Engineering, QA, and Battery Assembly staff, Conduct PFMEA for Battery Manufacturing.
  • Assist Quality with defect root cause analysis and assist with accomplishment of corrective action(s).
  • Provide capacity planning and utilization analysis for accurate staffing and test equipment needs. Identify new test approaches that will reduce staffing and capital requirements.
  • Eliminate/reduce test defects and improve test yields. Perform root cause analysis and take corrective action to resolve test failures.
  • Studies test equipment and software performance and reliability. Establishes programs (i.e., maintenance and calibration schedules) for decreasing equipment downtime.
  • Develops, or coordinates, solutions to manufacturing technical problems resulting from design flaws or changes, software flaws or changes, hardware flaws or changes.
  • Assists in the development of, then implements and maintains test methods and processes in the manufacture and test of sub-assembly, module, and top level product for new or difficult product lines.
  • Analyze test approach, plans, and processes for cost reduction, test efficiency, or flow improvement opportunities. Determines proper test flows and sequencing for the efficient flow of product through Manufacturing test.
  • Maintains test documentation in and oversees accurate change management procedures for all test documents. Resolves conflicts in documentation and process definition.
  • May provide Material Review Board analysis and disposition of Company and/or supplier products.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in applicable engineering or science field, and zero to six years of related industry experience.  Academic project experience, with direct relationship to manufacturing systems implementation, will be considered in lieu of industry experience for recent college graduates.  Candidates with a 2-year manufacturing technology degree, and significant industry experience, will also be considered.
  • Proficiency with Labview software is required.


  • Experience in lithium ion battery manufacturing / assembly is a plus.
  • Experience or knowledge of robotic manufacturing processes in electrical assembly is a plus.
  • Experience in printed circuit board manufacturing is a plus.
  • Honorable Discharge from Military service is a plus.