Client – Brammo Inc.

Project – Empulse R

When Brammo first announced its paradigm-shifting Empulse electric sportbike, the motorcycle world knew that the future for motorcycles was going to change forever.  Brammo, overwhelmed with attention and interest in its naked sportbike, was not quite ready to stop its designers as they tweaked the design and then decided, against current EV gospel, to add a revolutionary six-speed transmission.  This development allowed the Brammo engineering team to give aspiring riders what they had been asking for: torque, torque, and more torque.

Brammo Empulse Sketch

The improvements in battery energy density allowed Brammo to achieve the following performance targets:

  • Top Speed: 100+ mph
  • Range: 120 miles (city), 60 miles (suburban), 40 miles (highway)
  • 0‐60mph in sub 5 seconds
  • Weight: < 500 lbs
  • Recharge Time Level 1(off‐board 120V/12A): 8 hours (.1C charge)
  • Recharge Time Level 2(off‐board 240V/32A): 3.5 hours (.3C charge)

Brammo 2.0 Project Empulse R Cutaway

The project required a totally new drive train: Motor, battery modules, controller, and charger. When the Empulse came to market, it had the world’s first drivetrain that had been designed and purpose-built for a production electric motorcycle. It featured a water-cooled permanent magnet AC motor, IET 6 speed gearbox and Brammo’s unique BPM 15/90 battery modules. This drivetrain package endowed the Empulse R with rapid off-the-line acceleration combined with sustained high speed and industry-leading range.

Unique for a production electric motorcycle, the Empulse R had a J1772 Level II onboard charging system, allowing riders to easily take advantage of the growing number of charging stations being installed in cities around the world. The Empulse R can be recharged in just 3.5 hours and every 10 minutes of casual charging adds 5 miles of range. With a little planning, a day’s journey of 200 miles or more was now possible.

Brammo 2.0 Project Empulse R Red