Brammo Racing

We push the limits of the technology

The path to State of the Art is not a straight line. Our racing has developed our technology under grueling conditions, and we continue to push so it never stops evolving.

Development and Research

Why we Race

Brammo was founded in 2002 as a motorsports and performance vehicle company. This DNA remains a vital part of our culture and we look to motorsports as a way to develop new technologies or simply push existing ones to their limits. Our focus may be slightly different today, but we proudly embrace where we’ve been as it undeniably a critical factor in our success so far.

With its participation (and first podium) in the first ever all electric motorcycle race at the Isle of Man TT in 2009, Brammo has been racing electric motorcycles as long as there’s been a venue to do so. This commitment to racing is likewise a commitment to pushing technology forward under the most extreme racing conditions in order to provide the best solutions for our customers. Our racing bikes are built with the strong support of our partners and investors, and none of this would be possible without them.

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