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We Collaborate
with customers to bring lithium ion solutions to their Products

In close collaboration with leading OEM’s we develop scalable EoT solutions from 1.5Kwh to clusters of 100KwH and everything in-between

Service Highlights

Electrification Strategy

A lot of companies will sell you batteries and will custom design powertain solutions for a vehicle, but few can help you deliver a strategy that allows you to scale and grow with the market and deliver rapid solutions to the market at cost effective and time sensitive timelines. Our Energy of Things methodology allows you to thing across multiple products throughout your product range.

Service highlights

Powertrain Development

Battery electric vehicles provide a new world of opportunities to improve the customer experience of any mobility application. They also provide a new set of challenges with careful consideration of vehicle system level requirements in order to optimize efficiency, performance, and cost.

From direct drive to multi-speed gearboxes and axial flux to radial flux motors, Brammo has specified COTS and custom electric drivetrains for a variety of applications. Working with Parker-Hannifin on magnetics design has given Brammo a suite of options for high-performance, small format, water-cooled internal permanent magnet motors. Contact us to see if we can develop a powertrain for your application.

Service Highlights

Vehicle Prototype and Testing

Prototypes are an essential step to proving to yourself and others that your ideas are viable. Sitting at the forefront of EV technology has given Brammo a lot of experience in the development of everything from proof-of-concepts to production validation prototypes

Prototyping can provide a wealth of information for your product development team from Marketing to Engineering. With the added availability of system data through Brammo’s proprietary battery and vehicle controllers, you can also begin to establish drive cycles, use cases, and validate your initial technical solutions. Brammo can simulate all parameters of an electric vehicle to provide detailed insight into the component and vehicle architecture that will meet your performance goals.

Service highlights

Industrial Design

Industrial Design is much more than a pretty sketch. At Brammo, Industrial Design represents a strong understanding of engineering packaging and manufacturing fundamentals in order to ensure that the designs we create can become real products. Like other well-known and successful product companies, Brammo realizes that any modern product must start with a strong design foundation and see that the design language connects with the customer base. While high design may have been reserved for luxury products in the past, it is now a pre-requisite to be competitive in the modern global market.

Our industrial design group can connect the dots between tough market decisions and ambitious implementations of new technologies. We have operated as our own design firm since Brammo’s inception in 2002 and can bring our significant experience to bear on your most difficult projects. Leveraging the latest in digital design and rapid prototyping techniques, Brammo has the ability to move quickly from first sketch to final product.

Service Highlights

Pilot Production

Introducing electric vehicles to a well established product line can be disruptive. Brammo can help ease the pain with Brammo on-site pilot production to validate models, markets and feature sets.

Service highlights

Serial Production

When it is time to go to volume, we can take to you serial production for the powertrain and final vehicle or device assembly as needed. We integrate with in-house teams to deliver on time and on budget.